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Starter tournament at Victory ’55 in Volendam

On Sunday 27 March, the NTTB Holland-Noord Division organizes, in cooperation with Victory '55 from Volendam, a starters tournament. 
This tournament is especially for junior players who do not play competition yet but do want to gain experience in playing matches. Also, starters from the 4th and 5th class are welcome.

The tournament has the same format as the successful starters tournament that we played in Hoofddorp in November. Fortunately, parents are now welcome to come and cheer on their children.

To let the players play against players of their own level as much as possible, we will start in groups followed by a placement round. 
We want to introduce as many players as possible to competition, but it is important that the player knows the basic rules and can serve.

Players and coaches are welcome from 9.30am. The tournament will end around 14:00 with a prize-giving ceremony.

We are aware that the time is short, but you can register by sending an e-mail to as soon as possible but until Thursday, 24 March at the latest .
The participation in this tournament is free of charge.
The adress of the club is:
Wester Ven 43, 1131 RC Volendam.
We try to ride together as much as possible and leave at a quarter to 9 from our club.
(Please note the summer time, the clock goes 1 hour forward)

If you want more information, ask Guus Korper .