Table tennis club Amstelveen has a growing youth section. The youth support and the table tennis opportunities that are offered come at a high cost. We would also like to keep our accommodation up to standard, which requires the necessary investment and maintenance costs.
Partly through sponsorship, we want to keep the subscription and training fees low so that our sport remains accessible to everyone.

The board would like to enter into talks with possible sponsors, and in consultation with them, we can offer a nice consideration. In addition to a listing on our website and/or a billboard in our canteen, we can, for example, facilitate a company tournament with catering in our accommodation.
TTV Amstelveen is also looking for advertisers from the region, for a small amount per year you can advertise on our website.Finally you can register as a donor of our association, a sponsorship starts at € 10.- per year.

If you would like to know more about sponsoring, advertising and donating TEND US A MESSAGE and we will contact you.