Get to know us

Would you like to get to know the table tennis sport at TTV Amstelveen…. You can!

Anyone can come to our club and play three times for free as an introduction.
Due to COVID19 we do ask you to 
CONTACT US  first to make an appointment.

When can I play? We have a number of free play and training hours:

Check the OPENING AND TRAINING  HOURS of TTV Amstelveen. 

Where can I find the club? You can find our club at Landtong 14 in Amstelveen:

Check the LOCATION AND ROUTE information.

After having played three times for free you decide whether you want to become a member of TTV Amstelveen.
If you still have some doubts you can make use of a one-off temporary membership for 3 months.  A regular membership is for an indefinite period.

If you have any questions please CONTACT US.