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This page contains information about upcoming activities in and outside the club. 

Important dates

All events can be found in the calendar
but the main dates can be found here. 

May 2024
June 2024
December 2024
No event found!

Registration for tournaments

Youth players in particular are always advised to check if they can register through the club.
In that case, please contact
Guus Korper (junior tournaments) or
Ben Rigter (senior tournaments).

Internal tournaments

No internal tournaments in the schedule at the moment.
After all, our Open Tournament on 25 and 26 May is for everyone!


External tournaments

On this page you will find the tournaments known to us.
These are often nearby and often involve players from TTV Amstelveen.
If you want to see what else is on in the Netherlands and the surrounding area,
then click on one of the following links (which are all in Dutch and open in a new tab) :

Upcoming external tournaments

We received the following message about the new edition of the Harry Feenstra Cup competition.
This is a separate competition that will be played during a few weeks.

Perhaps also interesting for members who do not yet participate in the regular competitions?
Details can be found in the registration form (Dutch only). However, do not use that to sign up, but do so via Guus Korper.
Registration closed on 27 October 2023

Dear all,

Herewith you receive the entry form for the Harry Feenstra Cup Competition 2023/2024.
We hope that the interest in the cup competition is so great that it can be organised again this season.
If you have any questions about this cup competition, please contact the organiser Joop Broerse
(e-mail or phone 06-53336150).

Kind regards,
Joop Broerse and Ruud van de Water
Harry Feenstra Cup competition

We received the following invitation from Hilko Appels.
Details can be found in the (combined) invitation attached. Note that all documents are in Dutch only
You can also register via our secretary Ben Rigter. And also in that case, the closing date of 5 February applies!

Dear coordinators,
With the start of the new year, the next cycle of the National C,E,G Seniors Championships is also about to begin again.
The National C,E,G Seniors Multi Championships is a tournament played across the country at various venues. Players compete in their own licence. The aim for the 1st round is to classify all players in their own region, but unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed.
Registration is open from now and closes on 5 February.
Registration can be made via the registration form attached and via (

The 1st round will take place on 18 February.
The semi-final will take place on March 3.
The final will take place on 21 April.

Classifications will be announced no later than 1 week before the 1st round.

For questions, I can be reached via this e-mail address or via WhatsApp (+15142097664).

With sporting best wishes,
Hilko Appels

From Ton van Ginkel we received the following message (originally in Dutch). 
The registration closes on 2 April 2024.

Subject: Dutch Championships for Veterans 14 April Schiedam

Dear table tennis player. 

On 14 April is the Dutch Table Tennis Championships.
Everyone over the age of 40 (and who will turn 40 in 2024) can participate in this.
This championship is divided by age and then by strength.
So you always play against equal opponents.

In the morning are the doubles matches, if you don’t have a doubles partner I can arrange one.
In the afternoon, the singles will be played.

We will play in pools, and after that with the elimination system.

Enclosed is the  detailformulier en inschrijfformulier (details and registration form in PDF-format in Dutch).
The original registration form (in XLS-format) can be downloaded from NK Veteranen 2024.xls


Ton van Ginkel
tournament director NK Veterans

From Han Oldenburg we received the following invitation to the Diederik Steunenberg tournament.
Detailed information can be found in the invitation (Dutch only).
Registration for this youth tournament can be done (before 27 April 2024) via our youth coordinator Guus Korper .

Dear match secretary, tournament coordinator,

Also this year, the Diederik Steunenberg tournament will be held after the competition.
The date is Saturday 18 May.

We are again looking forward to organising this tournament, which is highly rated every year.
The basic principle, as always, is that participants play many matches at their own level.
With a starter class for players, who have not yet played competition. And four classes (A,B,C, and D) divided according to the latest Elo rating.

Youth players from all regions are cordially invited.
The closing date for registration is 27 April.
Date: 18 May 2024. Location: Sporthal Zwolle-Zuid, van der Heydenstraat 2, 8014ZZ Zwolle.
Start time tournament: 10.00 hrs.

With kind regards, on behalf of the tournament committee,

Han Oldenburg

After the successful tournament on the occasion of our 75th anniversary, our club is organising another open tournament.
It will be played at the Bankrashal on 25 (juniors) and 26 (seniors) May 2024.
Further details will follow.

Activity calender

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Activities in the past

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