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Important Announcements

Open Toernooi 75 anniversary


Sign up for our Open Tournament on 20 and 21 May 2023! 
Juniors will play on 20 May and seniors on 21 May.
Check out the 75 Anniversary Open Tournament page for details.

Starters (Opstap) tournament at HTC Hoofddorp

On Sunday 16 April, HTC Hoofddorp will again organise the Opstap tournament.
This is a very fun tournament for beginning youth players.
Besides being fun, it is also very popular; so if you want to participate, sign up soon
See Starters (Opstap) tournament HTC Hoofddorp .

May 7 : clinic with Jonah and Ivan Kahn and family tournament!

A fun and inspiring clinic for our junior players on Sunday May 7. 
Read all about it at clinic with Jonah and Ivan Kahn
And afterwards we have the annual family tournament !

Update of the board

The latest information of the board can be found here.

Jazz 'klaverjas' tournament on April 28

After a successful evening in November Mick and Gerard
organize the second edition of the 75th anniversary jazz tournament.

55+ players can also play on Monday afternoons!

As from March 6, the 55+ group can also play on Monday afternoons.
See Extra playing opportunities for 55+ players.

Reunion for former members

A reunion for former members will be held on Saturday 25 March.
See Reunion 75 year!  for details.

Changed training times for junior players

Trainers and board are happy to report that training opportunities for the youth have improved.
From 6 February, the youth will train in three groups. As a result, training times have changed.
See improved training opportunities for junior players for the new times and background information.

Important dates

All events can be found in the calendar 
but the most important dates can be found here.
Click on an event for details. 

March 2023
April 2023
May 2023
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Our Activities

Highlighted activities

Match reports

Match report by Jan-Jaap Troost of team 8. 

Last Wednesday, Gerard, Dick and Jan-Jaap played the away match against the first team of GTTC Haarlem. 
This match was won by Amstelveen 8 with 7-3 . 
Our leader Gerard won three, Jan-Jaap won two and Dick won one. 
Gerard and Dick played the double and won it. 

Doubles tournament senior players


On Sunday 22 January 2023, we had the senior doubles tournament in our hall. 
This 75th anniversary tournament was organised by our secretary Ben Rigter. 
Single participants were combined into a team by the organisers, with weaker and stronger players being matched.
Thus, 11 teams came into being and competed in a five- and a six-team tournament. 
The final result:

1:Jeffrey and Mick
2:Harry and Martin
3/4:Brian/Roy and Ryan/Crystle

Jaap (our oldest member) and his buddy Gerard won the ‘poedel’ prize by narrowly losing to Atie and Wim. 

Thanks Ben for organising another fun tournament! 

The photo shows a moment from the final (supervised by Jan-Jaap).

Latest news of TTV Amstelveen

Family tournament on May 7, 2023

After the clinic with Jonah and Ivan Kahn, we will start at 13:00 with the annual family tournament. In this tournament, which was won last year by Elias and Aris Negrin, (family) couples compete for the title ‘TTV Amstelveen table tennis couple of the year’. A couple

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Starters (Opstap) tournament HTC Hoofddorp

If you want to join, sign up with Guus as soon as possible ! On Sunday 16 April, HTC will again organize a tournament for novice players in Hoofddorp.The tournament is especially meant to give novice players without (too much) tournament and/or league experience the

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Clinic with Jonah and Ivan Kahn

On Sunday 7 May (we will let you know the exact time), we will have a special clinic for our youth members with Jonah and Ivan Kahn.  Jonah Kahn (now 51 years old) played in the Dutch premier league for a large number of premier

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Board update for March 2023

Message by our chairman Arjan Verburg Dear members, here’s the board’s update for March 2023. News on our website More training times for the youth Reunion former members of TTV Amstelveen NMB/VDO March 25 New Jazz ‘Klaverjas’ evening around Easter at April 28 due to

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Jazz tournament on April 28

Due to great success!! a follow-up to our successful first mix-double Jazz (‘klaverjas’) evening last November. On Friday, April 28 at 8 p.m., this pleasant evening of playing jazz will take place in the canteen of our table tennis association. You can register individually or

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Extra playing opportunities for 55+ players

More and more over-55s know how to find our hall on Friday mornings! Great, of course, but it sometimes gets a bit crowded. In consultation with Amstelveen Sport, the board has seen an opportunity to rent some extra hours.   Especially for this energetic age group, the

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Match report week 3 of spring competition 2023

Match report by Jan-Jaap Troost of team 8.  Last Wednesday, Gerard, Dick and Jan-Jaap played the away match against the first team of GTTC Haarlem. This match was won by Amstelveen 8 with 7-3 . Our leader Gerard won three, Jan-Jaap won two and Dick won one. Gerard

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Women’s international on March 23, 2023 against Slovakia

On 23 March, the Dutch ladies will play against the Slovakians in the preliminary rounds of the European Nations Team Championships. Previous matches against France and Slovakia were unfortunately lost (reports in Dutch only): Slovakia October 27, 2022  France January 29, 2023  France February 1, 2023 On 23 March, they have

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