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Can you play chess besides table tennis?

On December 10 there is a combined table tennis and chess tournament in Katwijk.
Want to participate? See the
tournament page.

The opening of the jubilee year was a huge success!

Saturday 3 September we celebrated our 75th anniversary.
See 75year page for a report of the day by Brian with videos by Guus and Sourabh.

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November 2022
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Our Activities

Highlighted activities

Fantastic table tennis clinic with Britt Eerland

On Thursday 19 May, TTV Amstelveen organised a fantastic table tennis clinic 
given by none other than Britt Eerland. 
Besides her two participations in the Olympic Games (Rio and Tokyo), Britt is also European youth champion, Champions League winner, winner of the bronze medal at the European Championships with Team Holland, to name but a few of her successes.
It was busy at TTV Amstelveen, many parents, trainers, volunteers and of course 38 youth members filled the hall and waited in suspense to see what was going to happen. 
First some nice table tennis activities, followed by an explanation of the different effects by Britt and then a demo match with 1st team player Brian Bakker. 
Subsequently all youth players were allowed to play with Britt and try to return her service. Hardly anyone succeeded, but Leon Ma and Taha Mansri not only managed to get the ball on the table, they also managed to impress Britt with rock-hard returns. This earned the two players not only a thunderous applause, but also a signed shirt from Britt. 
All good things come to an end and after more than two hours of playing, after handing out signatures and after chatting with parents and children, Britt said goodbye to TTV Amstelveen, promising to visit again in the new season. 

This article was also published (in Dutch) by the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad .

Results Competition

Results of week 13. 
Match reports as the one above are also very welcome. 

Junior teams

home teamaway teamresultttapp
Diemen 1Amstelveen 17-3details
Stede Broec 3Amstelveen 23-7details

Senior teams

home teamaway teamresultttapp
Amstelveen 1Rijnsoever 18-2details
Amstelveen 2Diemen 13-7details
Amstelveen 3 ---details
Amstelveen 4Het Nootwheer 57-3details
Het Noothweer 9Amstelveen 53-7details
Amstelveen 6Nieuw Vennep 44-6details
Amstelveen 7 ---details
Amstelveen 8 ---details
Amstelveen 9HTC 82-8details
Amstelveen 10 ---details

Latest news of TTV Amstelveen

Support our club – Big Club Action

(links to Dutch page) Our treasurer emailed all members: Dear members,  You can buy tickets for the Big Club Action again! With this you support our club and have a chance to win great prizes. 80% of the proceeds of each ticket sold goes directly

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Update autumn competition 2022 for junior members

The youth coordinator Guus Korper has sent the following email to all league playing youth members. The schedules mentioned are not attached in this website article.  To all junior members playing in the autumn competition Table Tennis.  Next Saturday the autumn competition starts with 4 teams

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Board update August 2022

Activities coming period Thursday September 1 Game 11 will be in our cafeteria from 7.30pm with some of their table tennis range. Do you need new materials etc.? They take different frames, rubbers, but also shirts and shoes. If you have any wishes, pass them on

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Autumn League 2022 for junior players

The youth coordinator Guus Korper has sent the following email to all league playing youth members. The schedules mentioned are not attached in this website article. Competition On Saturday 17 September this year, the junior competition will start. We are very pleased to announce that

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Youth training starts again!

As youth training will start again soon (September first), youth coordinator Guus Korper sent the following email to all youth members: To all junior members and parents of junior members of TTV Amstelveen, Start of training sessions The holidays are over and as of Thursday

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Warm-up matches against Bloemlust

TTV Amstelveen and TTV Bloemlust from Aalsmeer organised a friendly start-of-season match. It took place on 22 August 2022 in the hall at Landtong in Amstelveen. Three teams from Amstelveen played against three teams from Bloemlust. These were two third class and one fourth class

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Game11/Butterfly NL Testevent

On Thursday September 1st another Game11/Butterfly NL Test Event will take place at TTV Amstelveen. Our equipment supplier and sponsor Game11 will be present from 19:30 onwards with a sales stand, including various test bats. You can experience the differences in material (frames, rubbers) and discover what

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