Make it easy for yourself and buy directly through SponsorKliks, it will cost you nothing extra and you will support our club.
By using the buttons below you go directly to the website of your choice and sponsor T.T.V. Amstelveen.

Directly to sponsorkliks?
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This is what you did for us so far!

Lets aim for € 5.000 in 2021

Help our club and sponsor us with sponsorkliks

With SponsorKliks you can now make a financial contribution to our club without spending one cent extra!

If you order a pizza online via Thuisbezorgd and you do this via SponsorKliks, TTV Amstelveen will receive a small amount as commission for the club.

Would you like to sponsor us for FREE? Then please make sure that you make your online purchases through the SponsorKlik page of TTV Amstelveen. It’s a small effort for you and a direct revenue for us. Imagine if all members, ex-members and other stakeholders did this? Please tell other people who care about our club about this.

How does it work?
It’s simple. Webshops pay a commission for every order placed via SponsorKliks.com. 75% of this commission is transferred to your club or foundation’s bank account. Whether you go directly to Bol.com or through SponsorKliks.com to the site of Bol.com, you pay the same amount for the product you order. Only in the last case Bol.com pays us a commission and our club profits directly from this!

Note: no commission on books
By law, books in the Netherlands are subject to fixed book prices, so no commission can be paid on books.

Why SponsorKliks?
SponsorKliks has been in operation since 2011 and due to the high conversion rates we achieve, is placed in the highest commission segment in most shops. With thousands of clubs participating in SponsorKliks, we are able to negotiate very good, and often exclusive, commission rates with online shops. Due to these economies of scale, SponsorKliks pays out the highest net commission in the market!

To make a long story short …….
Order online with SponsorKliks and choose TTV Amstelveen as your one-time target.

Never forget sponsorkliks again?

In 2 short videos we explain how you can configure your PC or laptop so that you never forget to use SponsorKliks when buying from your favourite shops, travel agencies, etc.
The movie below is for when you use Google Chrome as your browser.

And the video below for those working with Firefox. All other browsers work pretty much the same.