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Canteen clean-up

Sunday 21 January was again time for the semi-annual cleaning at TTV Amstelveen. A group of about 15 members and parents of youth members came

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Successful cleaning

The canteen and materials get a cleaning from time to time. Atie Vos makes sure this happens by putting it on the calendar and mobilising volunteers

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55+ Christmas lunch

The 55+ group held a Christmas lunch after their Friday morning table tennis hour. After two cancellations of members with flu, whom we wish well,

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Cantine cleaning

As announced in the latest board update, we will hold the (semi)annual canteen cleaning on Sunday 29 January. We start at 12.00 and hope to be

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Clean up canteen

Message by Atie Vos:  Dear members,  After a great year of table tennis, competition, training, club championships and the BBQ, it is also time to

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