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National Meerkampen for Senior Players B, D and F 2022

From the NTTB we received the following invitation for the meerkamp (multicamp) matches for the B, D and F categories. 
Details (in Dutch only) can be found in this (combined) PDF

Dear Competition Secretaries, 

After a very successful cycle of matches last season, it is time for the B, D and F licensees to show their skills again. 

All players with a B, D, or F license can now sign up for the new Seniors Multicamp cycle. In principle the aim is to play a women’s D multicamp. If there are not enough entries, they can join the men’s F. The matches will be played on the following days: 

1st round: 9 October 
2nd round: 20 November 
3rd round: 11 December 

Players can register through secretary Ben Rigter or . Registration for these multicamps closes 
September 25

As always, the tournament will be played throughout the country. Especially for the first round, we strive to have all players play in the region. For the semi-finals and finals, this is obviously not possible and travel time may be slightly longer. The location for the final is not yet known. 

Hopefully we can break last year’s record again and make it a super tournament. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

With sportive greetings, 
Hilko Appels