If you would like to play competition at TTV Amstelveen next season, please fill in the survey form before Monday 14 June.

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Last year the competition ended early due to COVID-19. Fortunately, preparations have now started for the autumn competition 2021. It has been decided to start this competition as late as possible, hoping all of you are willing to play again by then. Attached is the information received from the national table tennis association (NTTB); only available in Dutch.

The most important points of attention regarding the new Seniors competition can be found below.

Autumn competition ’21

  • The senior competition will be completely reclassified, no claims on competion level possible!
  • Teams (max. 6 players) are classified in a competition level in order of team rating.
  • For the calculation of the team rating, the individual ELO rating of the players per 01.01.2021 will be used.
  • Playing schedule (regional) starts on September, 20th and ends on December, 4th (more info in the attachment).

Duo competition

The duo competition is a separate competition in which the matches are shorter (only 5 sets, 2x two singles and 1x doubles). This competition can be of interest to members who:

  • do not want to participate in the regular competition now, because the matches end late.
  • want to play a match more than once a week.

If you are seriously interested in this, please let me know your ideas asap.


In order to offer you the opportunity to express your wishes, I would like to ask you to complete a survey. We will do our utmost to take it into account, but guarantees are of course not possible. The aim is to send out a team layout at the end of June, after which there is still limited possibility of changes. Before the summer holidays, the teams must be finalized and entered in the administration system (NAS) of our national table tennis association.

For more information about the competition check the COMPETITION page