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Board update

Activities coming period 

Sunday June 26 

See also the separately sent emails for further details. The more the merrier! 

Sunday July 3 

Not fun but necessary, many hands make light work so please sign up. Would be nice to see some new faces! 

Thursday September 1

Game 11 will be in our canteen from 19.00 onwards with a part of their table tennis assortment. Do you need new materials etc.? They will bring different frames, rubbers but also shirts and shoes.
If you already have wishes, please let Game 11 know in time via
Don’t forget to mention that it concerns TTV Amstelveen and Thursday September 1st.

Saturday September 3 – opening anniversary season

Yes, on September 1, 2022, our association, TTV Amstelveen, will be 75 years old!
A great milestone! The anniversary committee is busy with a plan to organize a number of fun activities in this anniversary year.
Details will follow, but keep September 3 free in your diary!

Opening hours summer period (July 1 to August 31)

Our youth and trainers have this period off!

From July 1, in principle, seniors no longer have to play according to the registration lists. However, it may be busy at times, keep that in mind and especially with each other.

Give everyone the space to play (‘fair use’). However, should the Corona virus rear its head again, the board will take appropriate measures in line with the advice of NTTB and NOC/NSF.

Monday20.00 - 22.00all senior players
Tuesday18.00 - 19.00senior players teams 1 - 4
Tuesday19.00 - 22.00all senior players
Thursday20.00 - 22.00all senior players

The club will be closed all day on Tuesday 12 July! This in connection with the final party of group 8 of primary school de Horizon

New hall

As indicated earlier, we will have a beautiful playroom and canteen as part of the new school to be built at the current location, where the gym and canteen will be integrated.

As everyone can see, the demolition of the old school has (finally) begun. The current prognosis is that we will move to the new building in mid-2024.

Contact with the municipality has been delayed due to the unexpected death of alderman Rob Ellermeijer. Our chairman will contact the municipality again before the summer holidays to answer the open questions.

Volunteers wanted!

Bar service for the seniors competition on Friday evening.
We are still looking for someone to do some of the bar services on Friday evenings. It concerns about 5 evenings per competition, or 10 for an entire season. Less is of course also possible. There is also a fee.
Are you interested or do you know someone, please contact  Atie Vos

Organizing activities.
Furthermore, we are always looking for people who want to organize something once; a tournament, a clinic, klaverjas evening or come up with your own idea. 
We have many Indian members, so an Indian evening is of course also possible!
If you like doing something like this, send an email to Brian van de Heuvel or speak to Brian at a club evening.

Other announcements

  • Autumn competition team format. The team divisions of both the seniors (10 teams) and youth (4 teams) are ready. See this  message from the competition secretary.
  • The Holland Noord and National Competition Division will switch completely to the Digital Competition Form (DWF). This means no more paper competition forms and that we will only use the NTTB app from the coming autumn competition onwards. See further: (Dutch only). More information will follow at a later moment from our competition secretary. We will also ensure that relevant information is available on our website.
  • Sponsor clicks. We have now passed the magical milestone of EUR 2,000. A welcome financial addition to our club’s income. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this! However, we think that many more members, relatives, friends etc. can help us. So help your club and if you want to order something online, go to: . It costs you nothing extra and you help your club. Find the company where you want to order something and it will work as usual. So put this link as a favourite in your browser!
  • Injury. Siti suffered a nasty knee injury at the club last week.
    Good luck Siti, hope things get better soon.

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