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Donation of an AED for TTV Amstelveen

In order to be able to help team members in case of injuries and because more people are able to give first aid and know how to reanimate, sports will become safer and members of the club will be able to intervene when necessary. To facilitate this, we have been given an AED device and a first aid kit by regional health insurer Zorg en Zekerheid and the Red Cross!

To be able to use the AED properly, a number of members will be instructed in how to operate the device. In addition, the Red Cross will give us a sports first aid course as part of the ‘Safe Sports’ package. The board will consider which members can (and want to) take both courses.

Zorg en Zekerheid health insurance company and the Red Cross will visit one of these days (before the summer holidays) to install the AED and hand over the first aid kit.
In addition to being very grateful to Zorg en Zekerheid and the Red Cross for making the AED/EHBO kit available, a special thanks goes to Atie, who handled the application on the basis of which our association was selected. Considering the frequency of use of our hall and the average age of our players, this is a great improvement for our association in the field of safety.
We will keep you informed when the AED/EHBO kit will be handed over and/or installed.
Finally: Let’s hope we don’t have to put what we have learned into practice!