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Family tournament on May 7, 2023

After the clinic with Jonah and Ivan Kahn, we will start at 13:00 with the annual family tournament. 
In this tournament, which was won last year by Elias and Aris Negrin, (family) couples compete for the title ‘TTV Amstelveen table tennis couple of the year’. 
A couple consists of 1 player under 18 and 1 player over 18, preferably from 1 family. Within 1 couple, at least 1 player must be a member of TTV Amstelveen. 
You can sign up as a family couple, but we can also pair individual youth players (by drawing lots) with an older player. 
Of course, we play this tournament for players of all levels and novice players will also get a chance to play against both very strong and weaker teams. 
The exact format depends on the number of registrations. The possibility to register will start immediately and close when 24 teams are registered. 
We expect to finish this tournament around 16:30 with the prize-giving ceremony. 

Register for the tournament by copying the form below to your email program, filling in the form and sending it to

I hereby register for the parent/child tournament on Sunday 7 May 

Tournament name:Family (parent/child) tournament
Date:Sunday 7 May
Time:13:00– 16:30
Club open:From 9:30 but the tournament players can start playing after the clinic of Jonah and Ivan Kahn
Location:Landtong 14 (our own venue)
Maximum number of teams:24
Entree fee:Free
Name player under 18 years:
Name of player over 18 years of age:
Possible 3rd player (with age):
My email address is:
I still have the following question:

Thank you very much and see you Sunday, 7 May