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Game11/Butterfly NL Testevent

On Thursday September 1st another Game11/Butterfly NL Test Event will take place at TTV Amstelveen. 
Our equipment supplier and sponsor Game11 will be present from 19:30 onwards with a sales stand, including various test bats. 
You can experience the differences in material (frames, rubbers) and discover what suits you best. 

It is possible to buy and take away your new frame, rubbers, shoes or other materials directly, provided they are in stock of course. 
If you know in advance what you (roughly) want, send an email to, so Game11 can bring it along (if in stock). 

The same goes for preferences in shoes, bags, bat covers or clothing. 
Game11 will bring along a fixed selection, consisting of frames, rubbers, accessories, glue, cleaners, bat covers and shoes. 
For items such as clothing, bags and specific rubbers/frames, it is always wise to let us know your wishes in advance! 

Gluing rubbers (also on your current frame) is of course no problem and Game11 will take care of it free of charge. Payment can be done by PIN or cash. 

Of course there’s also enough time and space for customized advice. 

For other questions in advance, please send an e-mail to

Translation of the Dutch text (not mentioned above) in the image: 

What to expect: 

  • Sales stand with a wide range of table tennis equipment 
  • 15 different bats to try out 
  • Good service with a wide range of products 
  • ATM is available! Rubbers can be glued on the spot 

For special wishes or questions mail us:  
or call 030-6994402 / 06-14444380