Start youth season 2021-2022

On the 23rd of August the new season for our more than 30 youth players will start with their training. 
This training is on Mondays (trainers Marijke, Edwin and Martin) and 
Thursdays (trainers Ben and Guus) at 17:45 (group1) and 18:45 (group2). 
All youth members have received an email with the group schedule. 

Besides the training, we will play with two teams in the 5th class of the department Holland Noord starting at Saturday 18 September. 
Participating players are Aadit, Ilia, Aris, Lars and Mathias (Team 1) and Mike, Ekin, Amrit, Vrishti and Natasha (Team 2). 

All of you have lots of fun at the training and/or competition!