Three days of training and fun for our junior players

On Sunday 11, Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 July, the youth trainers of TTV Amstelveen organised a 3-day training for the youth to round off the season. 
Ten youth members of different levels were trained by no fewer than five experienced trainers on both technical and tactical matters. This almost personal approach ensured the intended result. 
Of course, on these days where playing pleasure was paramount, attention was also paid to knowledge of the rules and discipline. 
Thanks to our kitchen princess Lourdes, the children and the trainers could enjoy a varied and healthy meal at the end of each training session. 
This was the first time in years that we organised such an event. The question to both the youth members and the trainers whether we should do this more often was unanimously answered positively. 
It was super in every way. We would like to thank all participants and trainers very much for their efforts. 

Overall conclusion: we will definitely be doing this more often.