Autumn competition results

At the end of November, the last matches for the autumn league were played. Hopefully everyone had a good time again. Unfortunately, there were quite a few injuries.

Youth: Team 3 has become champion in the 5th class by beating rival Diemen in the last match. Daniel, Wessel, Aris, Lars and Jeffrey, congratulations, well done. The other two teams (team 1 in the 2nd class and team 2 in the 5th class) also did well and finished in the middle of the table.

Seniors. Team 9 (Göstav cs) won the championship in the 5th class after a great season, congratulations. Team 3 (Marijke cs) can claim the Misfortune prize in the 3rd class, after a tremendous final sprint HTC and Amstelveen both ended on 61 points; matches also tied; games count: HTC 41 – Amstelveen 40

Unfortunately the 1st team (Arjan cs) has been degraded from the 3rd division National competition after more than 5 years and will have to prove itself again in the highest division again. Also team 5 (Gijs cs) could unfortunately not manage in the 3rd division and is again going for the championship in the 4th division.

The 2nd team (Guus cs) has by two fine last matches still easily managed to maintain itself in the 2nd class.
Team 4 (Fery cs) has played a fine season with a nice second place in the 3rd class. Team 6 (Atie cs) has managed to stay in the middle of the 4th class.
Team 7 (Waldo cs) had a somewhat messy season with injuries and absences but still managed to maintain its position in the 4th class.
Team 8 (Nenad cs) competed for the championship until the very end but had to settle for second place.
Team 10 (Jaap cs) and
Team 11 (Coen) are still doing well in the 5th class and the ‘Break’ can still be heard regularly in the hall.

On to the spring league 2020!