The “youth of the past” tournament in memory of Lex Swaan

Sunday 27 October “the youth of the past” played a tournament.
This initiative, organised in memory of Lex Swaan, was played by 22 players, aged 55 or older, who are members of our club as a regular club member and players who are not (yet) members but do join the 55+ group regularly on Friday mornings.
We opted for a doubles tournament where a “stronger player” was paired with a “weaker player” by drawing lots.
After the opening matches in poules of 5 or 6 couples, we continued with a winner’s poule and a loser’s poule.
After a fierce battle the couple Han and Lan came third, Jaap Boerop and his partner came second and the victory went to Guus and Roy v/d Roest who managed to crown a very strong tournament without a single defeat with gold.
Actually this day only had winners and we will make this an annual event.