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Board update

Dear Members,

Here’s an update about the club on status and upcoming activities.


June 12:Family tournament 11:00-16:00 . Still open for registering
June 19:Senior Club Championship 11:00 - 16:00
June 26:Youth Club Championship 11:00 - BBQ
June 26:BBQ 17:00 - ??

See separate emails / website for registering for the activities

Use website

The board is very satisfied with the website and will communicate more with the members via the website in the future and will not continue to message the members via email for all topics. 

So keep an eye on the website for:

  • Important notices such as Club championship and BBQ
  • Activities such as the planning of various tournaments and the GMM
  • Latest news including:

TTV Amstelveen can also be found on Facebook:

Then now the update:

Inventory additional play timeslots for senior players

We received some replies on this. We welcome these. However you can still react on this topic. We will try to make it a permanent play option next season to disperse the members over the days when there are enough members willing to play on the additional timeslots. Based on the reactions the board will decide if we will go for the additional timeslots. So please react if not done already. See the email of the treasurer from April 30.

New Play Location 2023/2024

We have consulted a lot with the municipality and we can rent the gym in the new school to be built and will also have a canteen. However, from there it will no longer be possible to look into the  playing hall. The hall is bigger than now and the canteen will remain about the same size. We now have to discuss the layout of the canteen for kitchen, etc.

Set up and remove tables.

Unfortunately, we still have to conclude that not everyone has mastered setting up and folding the tables yet. Please use common sense.

Please note that the red lock is to be held the entire time during setting up and folding down of the tables. Also please be careful when pushing the tables in and out of the storage room. We already have three tables whose nets have been demolished.

Note: there are also tables from which the net posts must be removed first. Failure to remove will result in tables being demolished.

Volunteers wanted!

The board would once again like to ask all members and parents of youth members for their help. Our club still has a shortage of volunteers, which means that everything that needs to be done is distributed over too small a group of people. So get up and help your club!
We are always looking for persons to act as: (assistant) trainer, bar employee, buyer of bar supplies, materials controller, set up sponsorship, cleaners.

In addition, we are always looking for enthusiasts who would like to organise a one-off activity, such as a table tennis tournament, a “klaverjas” evening or come up with an idea yourself – anything is negotiable.
And yes, it takes time, but no it is not difficult and you certainly do not have to do it alone. See also the committee for the upcoming 75th anniversary of our club.

75th anniversary

In September 2022, our association will celebrate its 75th anniversary! Of course we want to celebrate this extensively (within the then current Corona measures).
A first inventory already yielded 3 members for the jubilee committee (Tjeerd, Gerard van B. and Sourabh).  However we can certainly use some extra hands to think about and help with the organisation and execution of the events we want to organise in this context.
Please let us know by sending an email to if you are willing to help make this wonderful and once-in-a-lifetime event a great success.

Electronic Payment in the cantina

Yes, you can now pay in the cafeteria with your bank card or mobile phone.
It works perfectly. Of course, paying in cash is still possible.

Results spring 2022 competition

See the articles on our website .

Kind Regards,

Arjan Verburg
Chairman TTV Amstelveen