Competition news 10 October 2021

As usual, the following report was forwarded to the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad. 
(Update: the article below was published by the AN in theirpaper and online version). 
Report and photo were made by Guus Korper.  

TTV Amstelveen team 2 consolidates its leading position. 

Team 2 
On Monday evening 4 October the second team of table tennis club Amstelveen played Diemen2 in the 2nd class. 
The opening match between Amstelveen player Sebastiaan Bosklopper and Toni Bataraga was won by Diemen after an exciting battle in 5 games. 
After this first set Amstelveen totally reclaimed the match. 
To 3 wins for veteran Ladislav Prorok and 3 wins for Guus Korper Sebastiaan added 2 more wins. 
A win in the double by Guus and Sebastiaan completed the winning streak of the Amstelveen table tennis players. 
The final score of 9-1 ensured that Amstelveen 2 is proudly in the lead of the 2nd class poule. 
It should be noted that the two most important fellow champion candidates, Tempo Team and HTC, still have to be battled both at home and away. 

Team 1 
Amstelveen’s first team did excellent business again by winning 10-0 for the third time in a row in the transitional (‘overgang’) class. 
This time the opponent was Olympia from Enkhuizen.
With 5 matches to play the championship is getting very close. 

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