Competition news 17 October 2021

The Dutch version of the following report was also published on the website
and in the paper edition of the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad. 
Report and photo were made by Guus Korper.  

Table tennis youth TTV Amstelveen does well on its way to championship

The first junior team of TTV Amstelveen took on fellow championship contenders Rapidity from Beverwijk
on Saturday, who were just one point behind the Amstelveen team at the start of the match. 
In the first match Mathias van der Wal had a tough time against Rapidity’s leader Merijn Oosterwal. 
Despite some excellent resistance, the Beverwijker took the win in three games. 
The next two singles matches and the crucial doubles match were won by 
the strong playing Aris Negrin and Lars Serbanescu. 
After another win by Merijn Oosterwal, Mathias took revenge by winning his match as well. 
An exciting battle for the lead ended in a 6-4 victory for Amstelveen,
which now leads the league by three points over Rapidity. 

The second junior team, enthusiastically coached by Harish Kumar, also played a good match.
But despite two wins by Vrishti Kumar, one by Amrit Kumar and one by Mike de Boer,
the second junior team had to let the strong New Vennep team take the win. 

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