Corona update of 6 November 2021

In the battle against the spread of the corona virus, the government decided last Tuesday that, as of Saturday, November 6, amateur sports clubs, among others, will only be accessible to people of 18 years and older if they can show a QR code.
This must show that you have been vaccinated, recently tested negative or that you have had corona.

Young people up to 18 years of age, provided that they are healthy and have not had any Covid symptoms, can enter without restriction.

This has unpleasant consequences for TTV Amstelveen, as it does for all sports clubs. From Saturday 6 November onwards, we must check everyone (aged 18 and over) who enters our building. In other words: know whether they have a valid QR code.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to admit people who do not comply with the above. We want to be very clear on this: we have the duty and responsibility as a board and as a club to follow the law and to comply with the rules.

All in all:

  • Young people up to 18 years old can come and play table tennis without restrictions.
  • People of 18 years and older must ALWAYS be able to show the corona QR code (on paper or on an app) to gain access to the building. This means being able to show that you have been vaccinated or tested negative, or have had corona. You also need to have an ID (passport, identity card, driving licence) with you. Even if we know that it is in order. You will need it in case of an external control.
  • This applies not only to matches, but also to training, free play, voluntary work or visits.
  • So parents/carers of junior players must also meet the above conditions. They will also be checked. By a trainer, by a member of the bar staff or by another member of the club. Of course, we already know whether most of our members are vaccinated, have had corona or are not vaccinated. The latter group must therefore be able to show a recent test.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot and will not allow anyone to enter our building who cannot (or will not) meet the entry requirements. Of course we find this very annoying, but that is how it is.
  • We will clearly indicate these rules on the entrance doors to our building.

We rely on everyone’s understanding. Also in the knowledge that every comparable association has to deal with the same situation.

We hope that these measures can be withdrawn soon.

The Board.