Our trainers are using the Superstars booklet for all beginning youth players. 

The Table Stars program of the NTTB was the source and inspiration for this booklet, but in the meantime the trainers of TTV Amstelveen have made a lot of additions to it.
Meanwhile we are talking about the third version!

The advantage of working with this method is that it gives the children a clear structure on their way to the competition level. In this way it is always clear for them what they need to know and be able to do to reach the next level and they can practise with it at home.

Each level ends with a test (‘exam’) and if they succeed, this is recorded in the booklet and the player receives a bat ribbon in the colour corresponding to the level.
And then they may proceed to the next level.

The booklet is in Dutch and it is striking that even players for whom Dutch is not their first language have no trouble with it. Other interested parties can order the booklet for free from Guus as long as his ink cartridges are still working. 

The planning for the next exam is 22 November. Good luck to all! 

Below the photo of an earlier diploma ceremony.