Competition news 1 November 2021

Great differences of strength in the youth leagues 
Our second junior team (with Vrishti, Ekin and Amrit) played at home against the first team of HTC from Hoofddorp. 
This team had lost only three games so far and is therefore at the top of the league table. 
Our players could not offer enough resistance to win a game either. Result 0 – 10 . 

In our first youth team it was exactly the other way round. 
Saturday Aris, Ilia and Lars played against the third team of DOV from Heerhugowaard. 
Our team is on top and DOV 3 is at the bottom of the ranking. 
Again the result was 10-0, but this time in favour of our boys. 

The match of team 8 at ZTTC in Zaandam 
Report by Jan-Jaap: 
At 19:15 Gerard picked me up at the Olympic Stadium to go to ZTTC together.
We played here with Wim against their 10th team. 
We went back to Amsterdam with a 7 -3 loss. 
Each of us won one. It was exciting though because several games were won or lost by only two points. 
Monday 1 November we play at home against GSV Heemstede. 

Match reports 
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