New Year Tournament 2020

Sunday 12 January saw the return of the well-known and much appreciated New Year’s Eve tournament. Also this time the enthusiasm was high; many seniors had signed up, among them also a large number of non-competition members.
Under the inspiring leadership of Ladi the tournament started at 11:00. There were a lot of tough matches in these first games of 2020. Fortunately, the less good players were ingeniously compensated towards the more experienced players, so everyone had a chance to win the main prize. To compensate for all the sweat and effort, the canteen was running at full capacity. Both Arjen and Brian were busy cooking to provide everyone with a snack and drinks. When at 15:00 the dust had settled and everyone had played 7 games, only one winner remained and that was Mr Durgesh. This time the prize pool consisted of large bottles of liquor, which were accepted by all winners with thanks (hips!).
To add to the festivities, the New Year’s reception (with even more souls and joy) started after the tournament, and again the cooks came by with bowls full of delicacies and drinks; it was a very lively night at Landtong 14! See you at the big spring-cleaning day next Sunday 19 January!