Table tennis club Amstelveen scores super in Hoofddorp.

Saturday 28th November TTV Amstelveen travelled to Hoofddorp with a 16 person youth delegation led by Guus Korper. Here they participated in the annual “opstap tournament” which was organized by the local table tennis club HTC. 
A total of 48 participants in different categories competed for the prizes.
After a long day of battling, toil and drudgery the youth of TTV Amstelveen won no less than 10 prizes.
The justifiably proud players, who almost all played their first serious tournament, left the playing field with a feeling of satisfaction and a load of cups…… On to the next season.

Update: also see the photo gallery

Update: the Dutch version of this article was published on the website of the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad and in their newspaper in print.