Champions and spring competition

Email (without attachment) from competition secretary Alex Brandt 

Dear club members, 

As you will know, due to Covid-19, amateur sports are currently not allowed to be practiced after 5 pm. This means that the weekday matches that were still scheduled cannot be played. The table tennis association has now announced that the last round of matches will be cancelled. Attached the information I received about it. 

I think this means that three teams have become champions: 

Amstelveen 1 – Arjan Verburg, Brian van den Heuvel, Brian Bakker and Ryan Saheblal 
Amstelveen 2 – Ladi Prorok, Sebastiaan Bosklopper, Guus Korper and Elias Negrin 
Amstelveen 4 – Harish Kumar (100% out of 22 matches!), Harry and Marijke Aiking 

Congratulations and good luck with the promotion to a higher class!!! 
Furthermore, it looks like all the other teams have maintained their position, which is of course also worth a compliment. 

After a break we will continue with the second half of the season starting from January, 31st. The team layouts for this must be submitted by me December, 12th at the latest.
My approach is to let the teams continue playing in the current layout as much as possible. There is much more time in the summer for major changes to the layouts.

Nevertheless, I would like to hear from you as soon as possible if changes are desired/necessary.
Please also let me know if you’d like to start playing competition or plan to stop.
Together with Guus Korper I try to have the team layouts completed in time.

NB, I have received a question if anyone is interested in duo competition (preferably 3rd class). 
If so, send me a message

Update 1 December : see  TTR for the final standings