Clinic, Britt Eerland

For the second time in two months, table tennis club TTV Amstelveen invited a top player to give a clinic to its youth. After Bettine Vriesekoop’s clinic in December, the board of the table tennis club in Amstelveen managed to secure Britt Eerland.
Britt Eerland, the best player in the Netherlands and number 38 on the world ranking list, made over 30 youth members of TTV Amstelveen even more enthusiastic about the sport of table tennis.
Under the watchful eye of 3 youth coaches, parents and volunteers, Britt answered, sometimes unexpected, questions and then gave the children some wise table tennis lessons and played matches with her.
After an exhausting game of ‘around the table’, everyone was also allowed to play individually with- or against – Eerland, with the ‘winner’ in both boys’ and girls’ competitions receiving a competition shirt from Britt as a prize. After the clinic, Britt handed out photos with signatures to the over-enthusiastic children.
Everything was recorded for posterity. Click here for the video registration

Britt clinic