Corona update

Most recent Corona update (15 January 2022)

We can play table tennis again!

Dear members of TTV Amstelveen
Finally, the time has come to start playing table tennis again, under certain conditions, from Monday 17-1-2022. 
What does this mean for our members?

From Monday 17 January onwards we will continue playing, according to the latest schedules that we used for playing in the evenings and Friday mornings.
If you would like to be scheduled at another time, please let Ben Rigter know (see below how to do this) your  preferences.
Ben will then try to get you to play at your preferred time.

The rules are slightly adjusted for the time being, a maximum of 12 players in the gym on a maximum of 5 tables, doubles will preferably not be played.
The canteen will be closed until the authorities decide otherwise.
We will use the corona check app for the people who are not yet on our corona check list.
Be respectful of each other, maintain the one and a half meter rule and use your face mask in cases where it is desirable or mandatory.
Please come in your sport clothes, use the dressing room as little as possible and be aware that the showers may not be used.

For the junior members the same rules apply and we will start training again on Monday 17 January in the same groups as before
with the restriction that we may play on more tables.

Then there is some good news regarding extra playing opportunities.
Until 1 March we have rented the gym at Landtong 12 (right opposite of our entrance).
This gym will be rented exclusively by TTV Amstelveen, with the advantage that the tables can stay there and we can use it continuously 7 days a week.
For the time being we will only use this gym as an overflow gym.
This means that when you are NOT on the list, you can use the gym during the hours that our own gym is open.

We only have access to the playing hall, there is NO changing room, so again, please change at home as much as possible.
In this gym, the same rules apply as in our own gym, including the corona app check.
In this gym also we will place a maximum of 5 tables and allow a maximum of 12 players.
If there are more people, we will have to send them home, sounds unpleasant but it is what it is.
However, this means that during our normal opening hours we can allow a total of 24 players to play in both venues.
After 1 March this gym will be demolished and this arrangement will no longer exist.

Key holders can also use this gym during non-regular hours, but we do want to know who is playing and when. 
For this purpose we will set up a special whatsapp group managed by Ben Rigter.
In this app, everyone who wants to play during the day, or in the weekend has to indicate this in advance.
This app will be available for key holders who can make arrangements with other members of the club if necessary.
For all questions, members can contact Ben. But please do so by WhatsApp (06-83621706) or by mail
As Ben is normally at work, he will NOT be able and willing to answer questions by phone.

More information can be found on the website of the government.

See you soon and have fun playing table tennis
The board of TTV Amstelveen

Corona update 18 December 2021

On Saturday, December 18, the government announced new corona measures including the closure of all indoor sports. 

This new lockdown also affects our club and comes down to this in short:

The  club is CLOSED from Sunday, December 19 until at least Friday, January 14, 2022. 

This applies to ALL members (youth, seniors and 55+) and all playing hours and other activities will be cancelled. Also the Harry Feenstra Cup competition will definitely not take place. 

All relevant (sports) information can be found on the government website. (at this moment unfortunately only in Dutch)

As soon as there is new club information about Corona, we will post it here. So keep a close eye on the website.