Update Corona rules September 25, 2021

The most important change is that, as of 25 September, a Corona access card (QR code via the Corona App) is required to make full use of the catering facilities in our sports canteen.

At the same time, we want to keep the playing hall, changing rooms, toilets and part of our canteen area accessible so that everyone can continue to play sport without a corona check. To achieve this, we divide the canteen (which closes at 0.00) into two zones:

  • Mixed zone (also accessible without a corona access card) for when you want to get something from the canteen like an AA or a Snicker.
  • Hospitality zone (specifically marked and only accessible with a corona access card). Here you can sit down with a drink and/or a snack.

For details about the canteen policy see UPDATE CORONA RULES.

The main points from the UPDATED CORONA PROTOCOL :

  • Using common sense is paramount in everything.
  • Do you have complaints? Stay home and get tested!
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance (also as much as possible during play)
  • Use the disinfectant at the entry of the gym
  • Wash your hands often.

We play on a maximum of 6 tables with a maximum of 12 people at the same time and the registration of what time you can play remains unchanged.

For the most recent protocols and all detailed information from NOC/NSF and NTTB, please refer to this link: NTTB Coronadossier (Dutch only!).
We have tried to summarize this information in the corona protocol.