Table tennis in the local news

In the sports section of the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad of 15 September, the two table tennis clubs of Amstelveen were featured. The text about our club (translated from Dutch):

The new season for the Amstelveen Table Tennis Association always starts in September. So if you'd like to start playing again, you're very welcome. Table tennis is a fun and accessible sport for everyone. It keeps you fit, your reflexes sharp, it's great fun and all you need is sportswear and trainers. And a table tennis bat and ball of course, but we have those at the club!

Anyone can play table tennis at our club. The age of our members varies from 8 years to over 80, their background varies from Amstelveen to far abroad (e.g. China, Japan, India, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and Greece) and their level goes from beginner to very strong.

The youth play table tennis in the form of training sessions and the adults can opt for free play or also training to raise their level of play. For table tennis is a complex sport due to the combination of speed, movement, effect and tactics. There is also the possibility for both junior and senior players to take part in the competition and to play matches against other clubs.

At the beginning of the summer, we held a three-day training clinic for our youth. Ten youth members of various levels were trained by no fewer than five experienced trainers in both technical and tactical areas. This almost personal approach ensured the intended result.  Moreover, the children and the trainers were able to enjoy a varied and healthy meal at the end of each training session.

More information on playing possibilities, training times and other facilities and activities at TTV Amstelveen can be found on our website ( If you would like to try out playing with us to see if this is something for you, please let us know (in view of corona restrictions) via the website or .