Exams for the white and green-yellow bat ribbons

On Monday 22 November 2021 the youth members from the beginners group had to do their first exams in the
TTV Amstelveen SUPERSTARS program. 
This programme is aimed at teaching the youth good techniques in a playful manner from the very beginning. 
Within the programme the youth has to pass exams for the, in order of difficulty,
white ribbon, green-yellow ribbon, yellow ribbon, red ribbon and blue ribbon. 
Once they have passed the blue ribbon, they can in principle enter competition play at the lowest level. 

Fourteen youth members and 5 trainers were ready for the exam. 
The youth members all managed to get the planned white ribbon in the first instance
and since there was still time left, they also went straight on to the green-yellow ribbon. 
Despite the fact that a number of youth members needed a little help with the theory questions, they all managed to pass with flying colours. 

Congratulations and in the new year on to the yellow ribbon. 

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