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TTV Amstelveen wins at youth starters tournament in Volendam

A delegation of eleven youth members of the Amstelveen table tennis club left for Volendam on Sunday 27 March, led by coach Guus Korper, to take part in the ‘starter’s tournament’ of table tennis club Victory ’55 . 

In this tournament youth players without, or with 1 year competition experience played their first matches with an audience. After the placement round in which all players played at least five matches, groups were made based on strength. 

In the first group, the group with the strongest players, TTV Amstelveen was represented with three (of the seven) players. Aadit Akre won this group by winning all his matches. 

In group 2 Ilia Borisochkin did the same and thus also won first place. 

In group 4, 8-year-old Leon Ma won first place by playing with great technical skills and being watched by enthusiastic spectators. 
Leon, who played his very first matches for TTV Amstelveen, is a real talent. If he keeps developing like this he might become the figurehead of the youth of TTV Amstelveen. 

In group 5 Ekin Erayabakan surprisingly took first place by playing well and beating her strong opponent 14-12 in a thrilling final match. 

And so we can mention more names because all participants showed themselves to be winners in a wonderfully organised tournament. 
After a very fine day all players, coaches and proud parents returned to Amstelveen with a smile on their faces and are looking forward to the next tournament. 

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The above article was published (in Dutch) by the Amstelveens Nieuwsblad.